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Welcome to my NEW page. Here, you will find examples of some of the programs I have written, competition entries, photos, music, and more. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or feedback (contact details below).


Open-Source Youtube Playlist Downloader (YPD)

Youtube Playlist Downloader

  • Download videos and convert to 320 kbit/s mp3s
  • Retrieve channel uploads, playlist videos, and search queries
  • Parallel downloading of up to 16 videos at a time
  • Project on github
  • New UI design by Jon
  • Implemented in C# with Windows Forms
  • Downloading material without the express permission of the rights holder is unlawful. Please see the YouTube Terms Of Service for more information.

    What it is to be royal - Family Tree Visualization

    Family Tree Viewer

  • Procedurally generated family trees
  • Implemented in JavaScript with HTML5 Canvas
  • Click here to play with the finished version (works best in Chrome, results in other browsers may vary).

    Temple Of Eyes Unity3D Game

  • Made in under 24 hours for the Microsoft Imagine Windows 10 Game Jam
  • Team of 2 - myself and Jon
  • Three randomly given themes - Wide, Eyed, View
  • Inspired by Doom, with some FOV altering effects
  • Entry won first prize
  • Implemented in C# using Unity3D engine
  • The opening presentation Demonstrating to the judges..

    Arduino Snake

  • Remake of the arcade game
  • 2 buttons and an 8x8 dot matrix display
  • Project on github
  • Implemented using the C/C++ Arduino library

  • Student finance budgeting application

    Sample image

  • Created to help manage money in first year of university
  • Uses the calendar to see when a new week has clocked over
  • Calculates remaining weeks, current budget, total savings etc.
  • Implemented in C# using Windows Forms

  • CPU Scheduling Algorithms demonstration

  • Creates virtual tasks of random lengths and compares them using popular scheduling algorithms
  • Round-robin, shortest next, first come first served
  • Implemented in C# as Console Application

  • Music

    "Summer" - Ukulele arrangement

    This piece was a lot of fun. The original guitar piece was composed by Rob Scallon, an American musician. I decided to write an arrangement for the ukulele and, half way through, thought how cool it would be to film a video in a similar style as Rob's and mash the two together. An international duet was hence born.

    "1940" - Cover of The Submarines' original song

    I did this cover with an American girl I met through YouTube called Katie Putnam. She initially got in touch with me having seen the Rob Scallon arrangement I did and suggested we work on something. We never met in person - I wrote and played the parts for all the instruments and sent them to Katie, who recorded her voice track over the top. I then edited it all together along with this video.

    "Heartless" - Soundtrack

    I made these four tracks for a video game which was being entered into a competition. The game had a sort of dystopian, robotic type feeling going on and I tried to reflect that in the music. The final track was for the boss battle.


    I've taken tens of thousands of pictures, probably more. This is just a small selection that I have picked out.

    Click on a photo for an expanded view.

    Landscape Photography

    Grand Canyon Yellowstone Grand Teton Mountains Bridge Over Memphis Moreton Island Sunset Everglades Marshes Downtown Disney Sunset Pearson Park, Hull

    Natural World Photography

    Morning Glory Pool Trickling Stream Another Trickling Stream Frosty Morning Impact of man

    Wildlife Photography

    Little Owl Light-Vented Bulbul (Pycnonotus sinensis) Wild Grizzly Bear Seagull at Alcatraz Hummingbird Wild Black Bear Hummingbird at feed

    City Photography

    Beale Street, Memphis Copenhagen by night Brisbane by night


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